International Research Program: EuroScholars

Interested in participating in a global experience?  Think about pursuing a research experience abroad!

Engaging in undergraduate research abroad will help you to develop your analytical skills while building experience and a professional network to assist you with your long-term career planning goals. This is a great experience for any student, but especially for those with an interest in graduate school.

If you're serious about gaining international research experience, then consider applying to EuroScholars through Penn State's Ed Abroad Office. The objectives of this program are to give students the challenge of conducting original research at the cutting edge of human knowledge and promote interactions with scholars through an immersion in the research environment.

EuroScholars is a consortium of 12 research institutions throughout Europe with faculty who are interested in incorporating American undergraduate students into their research projects on a full-time basis. 

Search the projects database for research related to your academic field of study, then apply to the specific project when submitting your materials. If accepted, you will be conducting research on a full-time basis for a full semester.

More information about international research opportunities can be found on the Career Enrichment Network website.

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