Alumni Referred Internships

With thousands of Penn State Alumni, networking and job opportunities are plentiful for current students. Listed below are a few internships made available by alumni. As a Penn State student, it is important to utilize alumni as an important networking resource. Many alumni are looking to hire Penn State students. Going to networking events, applying for internships, and using tools available through the Liberal Arts Career Enrichment Network and the Bank of America Career Services Center are all crucial resources for professional development. Visit the Career Enrichment Network website to learn more about these opportunities, including the Alumni Mentor Program!

Classical Campus Marketing Intern (Virtual)
Fall 2013 Internship
$600/month stipend
Deadline to apply: October 25, 2013

Founded in 2008 by Penn State alumna Patricia Butler ('83) and her husband David Butler (former AOL Exec), ArtistWorks produces and launches online learning sites that use our patent pending Video Exchange technology to teach music .

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