How do I change my major? What if I want to do a concurrent major?

Everyday many students decide to change their major or to complete a second degree. The paperwork is fairly simple, but the decision is much more complicated.

Change of Major

Laura Brown, an adviser in the Division of Undergraduate Studies, has compared the decision process to falling in love. To finding the one degree program that is the perfect fit for you. Like choosing a significant other, you need to take some time to get to know the degree program, ask your friends and parents what they think about it, Google it.

If you are not sure the major you are in is the right fit start by talking with friends and family about other programs that may fit your interests. You can then look into the program itself by going to the program's web site. Or, use eLion to request a degree audit for that program and see how your coursework would fit into it. Some majors have specific requirements that must be met before you can join the program. You can find the entrance to major requirements for every major in the College of Liberal Arts on the Division of Undergraduate Studies site.

Once you have a good idea of the requirements and opportunities, make an appointment with the program adviser. In the College of Liberal Arts you would use our on-line appointment calendar.

Now you should be pretty familiar with this new degree, you have spoken with the adviser and shared what you know with your family and friends. Everyone agrees that this is a good fit for you. Now you can do the paperwork.

Make an appointment with the adviser of the program you wish to add to complete the change of major paperwork. The adviser will go over the degree requirements with you and then you will both sign the form. This form will be sent to the main College office for processing. Within a few weeks you should be added to the new program.

Adding a Second Major

Many students have found that they have time to complete a second degree while at Penn State. The process to choose that second degree is much the same as changing majors. Spend some time exploring with family, friends, and the internet. Many times your current adviser can give you good advice on what programs work well with the one you are in now, or what programs you may be able to complete due to other classes you have taken.

Once you have met with the adviser of the new program and have decided that you want to complete this second major, you can make an appointment with your primary adviser to start the paperwork.

Your adviser will fill out the Concurrent Major paperwork with your current major information. The adviser will have to get the Department Head's signature on the form, and then you can pick it up and make an appointment with the adviser of your second program. The adviser of the second program will complete the form with your second major information and have you sign the form. They will then send it to the College for processing. Within a few weeks you will be enrolled in both programs.

The College of Liberal Arts will hold informational sessions from time to time to give students the chance to discover all of the programs they offer. Tuesday, January 25th of next year, the Liberal Arts Undergraduate Committee will be holding one of these events. It will be a Speed Dating parody where students will be able to meet with student representatives of all of the majors offered in the College of Liberal Arts. We hope to see many of you there.

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