Understanding Your Degree Audit

Ever wonder what a degree audit is? Or wonder how the classes you are taking are actually working towards your degree or maybe how they may apply to another major that you are interested in? The following is an explanation of what a degree audit is and how you can access one and use it to see if you are on track to graduate...an important detail in your college career!


The Penn State Degree Audit Report is a computer-generated report that matches the degree requirements of an undergraduate degree program with the courses you have taken. The audit identifies those graduation requirements completed, as well as those requirements needing completion prior to graduation. The purpose of the audit is to provide you and your adviser with a degree progress monitoring tool, to assist in academic planning and appropriate course scheduling each semester. You can obtain an audit of your current major, or explore other majors, by seeing how your completed course work matches with the requirements of other majors.

Your up-to-the-minute copy of your degree audit can be obtained from eLion


Using the Degree Audit application on eLion, audits are processed within minutes and are available on the Web, to view or print.

Degree audits may be requested for your current major/minor or for an alternate major/minor. Follow the step-by-step instructions to request degree audits for alternative majors that you may be considering. The alternate major/minor requests are useful for you to know what courses are required in various majors/minors, and to determine how the courses you have completed satisfy the requirements. This audit is helpful if you are exploring majors/minors and if you are considering a concurrent major.

For more information regarding your degree audit or meeting the degree requirements, please schedule an appointment with your adviser or the adviser in your major of interest by going to  the Liberal Arts Advising Appointment Scheduling System

You can find the information in this announcement and more details about reading an audit on the
University Undergraduate Advising Handbook.

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