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           In the midst of a turbulent year for all of us, working with my fellow THON Chair, Sarina Katz, and the rest of the Liberal Arts Undergraduate Council to raise money For the Kids has served as a reminder to what Penn State is truly all about.

Last year, LAUC made huge strides in terms of THON involvement and fundraising. Thanks largely to Lauren and the rest of the council's enthusiasm, we secured two dancers for THON 2012. Due to their hard work and dedication, we recently announced that Rob Turchick and John Zang will be representing us this year! We know they will do a fabulous job and couldn't be more excited for them!

As THON chairs for this year, Sarina and I were determined to increase our fundraising total and overall THON involvement and enthusiasm. It has been great seeing the continued support of our members, in addition to the new faces excited to get involved!

We had a successful canning weekend #1 at the beginning of October. We sent four people to Pittsburgh for the day and made over $1000. We were not able to organize a trip for the first canning weekend last year, so this was a great start! We are looking forward to canning outside of Philadelphia next weekend for the last canning trip before THON. In other fundraising efforts, we sold snacks and asked for THON donations at a previously scheduled screening of the movie Defiance. Additionally, courageous members sacrificed shaving for the month of November in order to support our fundraising efforts.  Needless to say, we saw some pretty impressive beards! Finally, we are holding a late night bake sale tonight in front of the State Theatre, starting at 9:00. There are sure to be many delicious treats, so be sure to stop by!

In addition, all of our members really stepped up and addressed THONvelopes to send to their family and friends. This brought in a lot of money to add to our THON total. LAUC has always prided itself on being a close knit organization, even among the recent alumni. Our past three presidents, Sam Loewner, Richard Shermanski, and Geoff Halberstadt very generously donated $100 each to THON and promised to continue to support our efforts for years to come. On behalf of the entire council, we are overwhelmed by their generosity and thank them for their support.

It has also been great to see the involvement of LAUC in other THON activities such as the THON 5K and THON Dodgeball.

Thanks to everyone for all of your support! FTK!!

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You and Sarina have been doing an increasingly wonderful job as we have gotten closer to THON. I am happy to report to our avid blog readers that LAUC was able to gain another $460 through the bake sale on Friday night alone. Fantastic preparation on the part of our THON chairs and President, Lauren.

PS: you forgot to mention who the winner of No-Shave-November was.

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